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The Ultra Fast Charge

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Our Vision

Zap&Go was founded in 2013 with technology from the University of Oxford in the UK, with the vision to produce much better batteries for the modern world.

The goal is mobile phones that charge in seconds, cordless appliances like cleaners, drills and hair straighteners that perform as if they were plugged in, and electric vehicles that charge in the same time it takes to fill a tank with fuel today.

We are also enabling the national grid to cope with the increasing demands of fast charging electric vehicles. We do this by buffering the grid by storing off-peak or green electricity.

This is made possible by a fresh approach to energy storage. First removing all the lithium and cobalt, so the we are 100% safe and low-cost. There is nothing in our Carbon-Ion cells that can catch fire, no matter how fast they are charged. This also eliminates that memory effect problem. This occurs when you have used your phone for a while, it still says it is 100% charged, but doesn’t last as long. We have none of that electrochemistry going on that can wear out the battery, so we are good for 100,000+ charge/discharge cycles. But when our cells do need replacing, they can be recycled.

The Zap&Go technology is real today: First products will be in stores this year will include a ride-on where the charge time has been reduced from 8 hours to 5 minutes, a jump starter for vehicles and boats we call ZapStart, that requires no pre-charging. For next year we are working on a cordless drill that can be charged in 15 seconds, a robotic cleaner where the recharge time is reduced from 4 hours to 20 seconds. We are also developing a driverless vehicle that charges in 35 seconds.

A revolution in energy storage

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How it works


Zap&Go leads the way in Ultra Fast Charge Carbon-Ion cells that can replace slow charging lithium-ion batteries and charge devices and applications in less than 5 minutes

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Zap&Go Solutions

On the move, completely cordless or in state-of-the-art facilities installations, Zap&Go has developed significant intellectual property, patents, trademarks, registered designs and know-how in higher voltage Carbon-Ion cells

Carbon-Ion in action

Zap&Go has harnessed Carbon-Ion technology and applied it to a wide range of markets and industries with exciting solutions

“The one constant of life is change. The things we know and use today, may be different or even obsolete in the world of tomorrow. It is how fast we react to change, embrace change and seize the opportunities change creates that really counts. Our business is built on our ability to change and adapt. That is the secret of our success.”

Stephen Voller
CEO & Founder

European Grant secured

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 766670. The grant is directed towards bringing to market fast-charging cordless appliances 'Powered by Zap&Go'.

Fast, safe, reliable

Zap&Go 5-minute charger is the only charger you will ever need.
Contains no lithium batteries, safe in your hand luggage.


Zap&Go portable charger fuels up in just 5 minutes Gizmag