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Zap&Go was founded to develop a new class of energy storage device with considerable functional improvements over commercially available supercapacitors or ‘ultracapacitors’. This technology is referred to as the Carbon-Ion or C-Ion cell in contrast to Lithium-ion or Li-ion. Zap&Go has a development programme in hand to develop and perfect this technology.

The C-Ion cell will bring benefits over existing technologies to two types of user:

1. Users of Li-ion batteries in applications where speed of charge/discharge, ease of transport, safety and cycle life are key requirements.

The C-Ion cell will provide specific power characteristics between one and two orders of magnitude higher than a Li-ion cell. It is designed to be classified as non-flammable and non-hazardous for transport, allowing the product to be shipped easily and to comply with both current and future regulations.

Due to the method of energy storage, the cell has fewer moving parts electrochemically and so can withstand from tens to hundreds of thousands of charge/discharge cycles. This is in contrast to Li-ion cells which begin to degrade after between 300 and 1,000 cycles.

2. Users of conventional supercapacitors where energy density and safety are key requirements.

Future generations of our cell will store more than 65 Wh/l and 50 Wh/kg. Compare this to present-day industry-leading products which store less than 15.

The C-Ion cell is being designed for manufacture using many of the technologies well known in Li-ion cell production. This will enable Zap&Go to quickly scale-up production and to use manufacturing capacity already in existence. This will allow new products to be made and extra functions to be added to existing products, for example:

  • Improved energy storage allows the cell to be used as the principal method of energy storage in a far wider range of technologies than conventional supercapacitors.
  • High specific power allows very fast charging (in seconds) through Zap&Go’s “Instant-charge” technology.
  • High specific power enables the extension of Li-ion battery lifetimes and reduction in battery size through peak shaving in hybrid applications.
  • Improved safety protects customers, allows easy shipping and opens up applications in hazardous areas.
  • Long cycle life allows energy storage to be installed for the entire lifetime of the device, reducing design complexity by reducing or eliminating service intervals and saving money.



Zap&Go leads the way in Ultra-Fast Charge technology that can replace slow charging lithium-ion batteries and charge devices and applications in less than 5 minutes.

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Zap&Go Solutions

On the move, completely cordless or in state-of-the-art facilities installations, Zap&Go has developed significant intellectual property, patents, trademarks, registered designs and know-how in higher voltage supercapacitors.

Carbon-Ion technology in action

Zap&Go has harnessed Carbon-Ion technology and applied it to a wide range of markets and industries with exciting solutions.

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